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"Only a writer … will hold conversations between people that don’t exist. We don’t talk to ourselves … we talk to the people we created from nothing."


"Only a writer … will hold conversations between people that don’t exist. We don’t talk to ourselves … we talk to the people we created from nothing."

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Pink for boys, heels for men, secretarial work was a man’s job until it became “feminized” and treated as inferior, and more.


Fangirl Challenge : Female Characters 1/10

Cara Mason (◡‿◡✿)


Fangirl Challenge : Female Characters 1/10

Cara Mason (◡‿◡✿)

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Aneurin Barnard

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neta07 → Thankyou so much! If you could, could you send me the file with the Tudors promo images ( annette- wade @ hotmail. com) if not just send me the link.

At 208 MB it’s too big for my email client, but I’ve uploaded the zip to my Dropbox folder. The link is here:
Let me know if there’s any problems.
I used one of the pics for some fanart, so I’m grateful you uploaded them, and I’m happy to help you retrieve them :D

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If Mean Girls was set in Middle Earth

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Read for yourself! 


Read for yourself! 

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Don´t worry Michael, every puzzle have an answer!!

Wonderfully cracky crossover

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Women who hate being mothers


I could start a whole separate Tumblr about this phenomenon (which has probably existed since the beginning of time): women who despise motherhood. And they’re out there, spilling their guts anonymously in online forums and blog comments. They say things they would probably never speak out loud to another parent, for fear of being judged and called a horrible human being.

A Redditor recently shared this “journal” from CafeMom called "I hate motherhood!" I feel so sad for her. (Emphasis mine.)

After a year of being a mother I can’t hate it more. It just prevents me being truly happy.  I know some women out there have invested time and money into having a child and think its the most glorious and officious thing in the world. But I think that from little girls we are brain washed into thinking that being a mother is what our duty is.

Then when you wade into the comments section, more confessions. Some of these are REALLY sad.

I am miserable.  I hate my life.  I love my children to the ends of the earth and beyond.  Would gladly be consumed by alive by a grizzly bear to protect them but if I had it all to do over again, would I?  Not likely.  I love being a mom but I hate the “job”.  Sibling rivarly drives me up the wall, the lack of sleep makes me a zombie.  My house is disgusting, my laundry is in piles on the floor.  My 21 month old clings to me like I am a life preserver he can’t let go of.  I feel like I am trapped under water and no one will let me up for a breath of air.

I resent the fairtytale that was fed to us about motherhood and how you dare not admit that it is far less than perfect.  I have received flack for standing up and saying…this is NOT my ideal life!

I am hearing people say it gets worse not better.  I’m saying it can’t possibly get any worse than it already is.  If it does they will have lock me up in a padded cell……….come to think of it, that sounds pretty nice….padded walls, silence, chance to be alone…where do I sign up?

And this one really stuck with me. I wish I could help this woman get to her dream place.

I love them too much to give them anything but my best, however, I spend my nights dreaming of a quiet life with sunshine, space, and time for contemplation and meaningful thought.

And of course it’s a comments section, so you have mean people saying stuff like “you made your bed” and “suck it up”, etc. This poster is a real peach:

What is wrong with you people? Do you have any idea on how SELFISH you sound? I became a Mom at a young age, and I couldn’t be happier, So I don’t get all the things I want for myself, or go out and do this and do that, but if you ahve goals, you can still make them happy, so what you’re going to resent your kid because YOU got pregnant, decided to keep YOUR baby and then what you’re oging to blame this hcild for the rest of your life that they ruined YOUR plans… Please…

Being a mom has been so rewarding, I never EVER felt like it was my “duty” to have kids, it was my CHOICE, and it has been a great experience, I think because of this post and all of you agreeing that you “hate” motherhood should be ashamed of yourselfs… this is not a community I want to be a part of!!

Hurling these types of insults is too easy. Yes, these moms made poor decisions and are now living lives that are totally wrong for them. They were clearly meant to do something else: have exciting careers maybe, or travel the world, or even live alone in a cabin in the woods.

But what led them to these decisions? Intense pressure from family, from society, from friends? Messages they got from movies and TV, which more often than not paint motherhood as they most wonderful thing a woman can accomplish? Ads targeted to women that make parenthood seem easy and desirable, even fun?

This is why I strongly feel the conversation about living childfree needs to happen. Look how many women are suffering because raising children is not the right life for them. If they had known there was another option, imagine how much different their lives would be.

Childfree women are usually told they’ll change their mind. Even at thirty or forty. Even though they’ve put way more thought into the decision than most people seem to put into *having* children. They’re told how they’re selfish, worthless, and that if they’d just have children it would be the Best Thing EVER!!!  We need more women to speak up about the realities of parenthood and that it isn’t for everyone. Then maybe there would be less pressure on women to blindly shuffle into motherhood because it’s the done thing.

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One day in “Hollywood”.

Regular weekday afternoon, I’m sitting behind the computer checking my mails every second. Then a message arrives on Facebook saying that I have a face made for the big screen and the next thing I know is that I’m being told when I should go to dress rehearsal. I…

The psychological thriller was inspired by G. K. Chesterton’s ‘The Man Who Was Thursday’, and it follows Father Smith’s Faustian descent into the Roman underworld.

Many of Chesterton’s novels, including the Father Brown novels and “The Man Who Was Thursday” are freely available vis I’m currently halfway through “Thursday” and not only is the main character, Syme (aka Thursday), not a priest, the novel strikes me as more darkly comedic than a thriller. A very loose inspiration, I think, I’ll be interested to compare with the movie when I eventually get the chance to see it.

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